We select TOYO - AC because

Air conditioning system’s design of business and shopping centers require interior space comfort conditions, in addition to that, the design involves thes spaces in shich so different conditions are required.
Taking the operations within and enough fresh air amounts into consideration. Thayre are presented to be peferred by investor in terms of tecnical and economic requirements.

TOYO-AC can support for the best solution for air condition system you need in shopping malls.

reduce energy cost by toyo - ac

Air conditioning system consumes most of the energy that a building needs in its operation. In order to reduce energy consumption in air conditioning effort should be made as per the following steps:

1. Reduce dependence on air conditioning system in the building while designing.

2. Recognise spaces inside the building which do not require air conditioning, as reduction in air conditioned spaces will reduce AC consumption load and energy needed for the same.

3. Optimise cooling load by selecting inside design conditions and outdoor design conditions specified in National Building Code of India 2005.

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